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Artist Feature: Maddie Hammell (@madhamme)

Maddie Hammell is a young mixed media artist who takes the beautifully abstract creations she makes and transforms them onto skin, creating unique pieces and breathing life into her art. She has had her work showcased in the Philly Art Collective Gallery and is now sharing her art with Velvet Fields, paired with each piece are comments from the artist.

2017, ink and marker on bristol board. 11 x 14. "Starting to really play with lines, abstraction and negative space and learning how to push these elements."

2018, ink on paper. "Applying linework and abstraction experiments to the natural landscape." Later, the piece was reimagined as body art. (Pictured below.)

2020, tattoo. "El Paso landscape designed specifically

for the body." This design was based off of a 2020 procreate drawing (bottom right) with "cleaner, more composed application of all these elements."

2018, ink on paper. "Experimenting with line work and abstraction in natural elements; plant exploration."

"Tattoo applying these abstracted line work elements within a non-abstract concept as means of shading and composing."

2020, tattoo. And its composite drawing.

2021 tattoo. 2021, custom procreate drawing. "Taking ideas from the boxed landscapes and applying them to allow geometry to take main stage."

2018 ink on paper, 8.5 x 11. "Line work shading and abstraction applied to portraiture/the human body; my favorite subject matter for the ways that it can be so thought-provoking through different means of abstraction.

2018 ink on paper, 8.5 x 11. "Exploring themes of feminine power."

2020 procreate drawing traced from a photo of a linocut print made in 2019. "Introducing themes of emptiness, nonbinary presentation, self-loathing."

2020, procreate drawing. "Designed for a linoleum block carving, to be mass-produced as a means of relating to others in this mind state by presenting it visibly to the general population by wearing it on clothing."

Smoke design, 2020, penciled onto linoleum block and carved for reproduction. "Carrying themes of self-loathing/low self-worth/tiredness and hedonism in the suggestion of cigarette smoke."

Examples of materials with prints.

2021, drawn on procreate for transfer onto linoleum. "More abstraction of the human form, playing with themes of confusion...cleaned up version of earlier abstracted forms, both thematically and in terms of the blockiness of the design; less loose ends and texture."

2019, oil on canvas. "Themes of hedonism and female empowerment. color is used as vehicle for the eye."

2019, oil on canvas. "Female empowerment, more abstraction in color application."

2019, 5' x 3.5' mixed media piece. "India ink wash background on normal drawing paper, splattered with water while drying to create textural abstracted "stars". Charcoal (white and black, soft and compressed) and chalk pastels on top. Color application derived from my method of color application in oil paint. Drawing on Edward Hopper landscapes to explore emptiness thematically."

2019, oil on canvas. "Playing with abstracting and flattening the urban world and flattening color application, forcing a more stagnant feeling."

You can find more of Maddie's work on instagram. She has a page dedicated to showcasing her tattoo pieces, @madhamme, and a separate account focusing more on her mixed media art, @madham_artspam. If you enjoyed any of the pieces shown, please consider supporting the artist!


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