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Eric Ryan takes us on a lulling journey with his latest EP “Dream State”

Written by Malaika Lorde


Eric Ryan’s latest EP truly embodies it’s title, “Dream State”. Beautifully combining Neo-soul and RnB, with hints of Lo-Fi and Alternative influences, this project takes its listeners on a dream-like journey traveling through Eric Ryan’s experiences with love, loss, and self reflection.

This 5 track EP gives you something a little different with each song. While the first song on this project, “Stuck”, is a guitar-led ballad with vocals that clench onto your heart, there is also “8PM (Cuffing Szn)” which has more of a subtle groove to it, with those Lo-Fi influences really standing out.

On the 4th and self-titled track, “Dream State”, some would say it's the best of both worlds. Eric’s smooth and sultry vocals float over a rich and mellow guitar. Not to forget the percussion that gives this song a slight bounce that makes you want to move. This song ends with an emotional and eerie piano solo that leads perfectly into the final song, “Soleil”.

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As a rising Toronto-based artist, Ryan is sure to become one of the many talented faces behind the city's Neo-soul and RnB scene. With an already stellar discography, Eric Ryan plans to continue releasing music that will blow his listeners minds.

We were able to ask Eric Ryan some questions to get a deeper view into the making of his debut EP “Dream State”.

What are you hoping your listeners take away from this project?

I hope that my listeners take away the importance of finding love & fulfillment within themselves.

Name 3 songs that mainly inspired your latest project.

“Pseudo” - Daniel Caesar

“Happiness” - Rex Orange County

“Headaches” - Raveena

Which song on this project was the most fun to create?

Soleil was written and produced by my friends and I in my basement; I think it was dope because it comes from real life experience & it just blows my mind that with such little knowledge/experience in the field, we were able to reach such a huge audience with our music.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout the last year, to keep creating music?

Music has always been a passion of mine; being at home this past year made me focus on it more...but what kept me inspired was the fans that have interacted with me and showed love for my music; made me feel like i have a purpose in this world hahaha!

Listen to Eric Ryan HERE

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