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Jenna Doe fulfills all your Indie-Pop dreams with the release of her latest EP “Bedbugs”

Written by Malaika Lorde


Jenna Doe’s latest EP “Bedbugs” is all you could ever want in an indie-pop project. In just three songs she manages to make tears fall from your eyes with the final track on the project, “Bedbugs”, but at the same time she makes you want to frolic in a beautiful field on a breezy summer's day with tracks like “Sunday School” and “Summer Camp”.

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With her dreamy vocals and nostalgic production style, Jenna welcomes us into her world as she reminisces on childhood memories, battles the pains of growing up, and experiences heartbreak. Doe does a remarkable job of setting the scene for her listeners through her use of imagery which dramatically enhances the listening experience. It’s almost as if you are joining her on the journey that is “Bedbugs”.

With her first single “Weeping Willow” gaining over 20k streams on Spotify alone, her fans were highly anticipating some new music; the Bedbugs Trilogy did not disappoint.

We were able to speak with Jenna Doe to get an inside scoop on the creative process behind her debut EP “Bedbugs”.

Name 3 songs that mainly inspired your latest project.

"Circle The Drain" by Soccer Mommy, "Bags" by Clairo, and "Heather" by Conan Gray

What are you hoping your listeners take away from this project?

After listening to my "Bedbugs" EP, I hope that listeners feel as though I have pulled them into my world of whimsical and mischievous nostalgia. I adore using imagery in my lyrics, so I want listeners to feel like I am taking them on an adventure through the story of each of my songs.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout the last year, to keep creating music?

I love making TikToks about music. The encouraging comments on each of my videos keep me inspired to constantly create music, as well as content for the internet. I am also perpetually listening to and obsessing over new music. Hearing songs that make me feel something, encourages me to also create music that makes me, and hopefully my listeners, feel something too.

Which song on this project was the most fun to create? Why?

I think my song "Bedbugs" was the most fun to create because it was the first song that I had ever written about love. Because "Bedbugs" was about such a personal and intense situation in my life, I have a deep emotional connection to that song. It was also really fun to create an acoustic song, which I don't normally do.

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