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Meet Ella Greenwood

HI! I’m Ella, a 19-year-old Filmmaker from London. I’m also a mental health advocate and

the Director of Broken Flames Productions.

Have you always had a passion for film?

Definitely, I’ve always been so obsessed with films! Going to the cinema was my favorite

thing to do growing up.

How did you get started in directing?

I decided that I wanted to make my own short film, which I wrote and produced, and then

thought that I would give directing a go as I already had such a clear idea of what I

wanted from the film. I fell in love with directing!

How has the pandemic affected your work?

It hasn’t really affected my work that much which is so lucky. I’ve been in development

for my feature film Faulty Roots, and so it’s been a lot of script writing and research and

the main difference is just that all meetings have been via zoom, but that meant that I

could fit a lot more into the day too. And then I’ve also been able to still shoot projects


Who are your biggest inspirations?

I absolutely love Reese Witherspoon, as she has created such amazing work and I love

all of the stories that she has chosen to tell. I also think that Michaela Cole’s work on ‘I

May Destroy You’ was incredible.

What has film making taught you about life?

It’s taught me that no matter how different each person is, there are still similarities

between us all. It’s also taught me just how impactful film and the media in general can


How do you get out of creative ruts?

Taking time out, spending it with friends, exercising, watching an episode of something,

anything like that which distracts me from my work often helps me get back into creating.

Do you have any other creative mediums besides film making?

Film pretty much takes up all of my time and is my main passion, so I honestly don’t

really do anything else currently. I should probably learn how to paint or knit.

You’ve spoken in many previous interviews about the topic of mental health, why is that important to you?

It’s something that I really struggled with and so had such a huge impact on my life. It’s

important to me to do what I can to raise awareness of mental health for others.

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome when starting your career?

Going from being an actor in the industry to a filmmaker, there are lots of

similarities but then it’s also so different. Working with a casting director to hire actors

has been so interesting, as I used to be on the other side of it all.

What is your advice for teens who want to get into film making?

Just go out and create work! Don’t wait for anyone to tell you to or feel that you need to

train or get loads of experience beforehand, if you want to make a film then make a film!

What are you most proud of so far in your career?

I’m proud of everything I’ve done, the small and big, but I’m so happy that the lead

actress Bukky Bakray from my upcoming film Self-Charm has just been nominated for

Leading Actress at the BAFTAs as I have now directed a BAFTA Nominee! She’s


Do you have any projects coming up?

I just finished shooting Smudged Smile starring the wonderful actress Mia Mckenna-

Bruce, and I will soon be shooting my new film Why Wouldn’t I Be?

What are your goals for 2021?

To really make a difference with my work, and to also make up for lost time with all of my

friends and family!

At only 19 you have already accomplished so much, what drives you to work so


I love what I do, so I enjoy working hard. It makes it a lot easier!


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