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September Editor Letter

Happy Birthday, Velvet Fields! Labor Day weekend marks the one-year anniversary of the Velvet Fields Magazine launch, and it has been so amazing to reflect on the incredible journey we have been on this year. We started with a staff of one and grew to an ever-growing and changing staff of young creatives from around the world. Getting to watch this staff collaborate and work together to create something amazing has been such a rewarding experience, and I have learned so much from the VF community. I am so grateful for the outpouring of love and support we have received- I seriously cannot thank you enough.

To celebrate our big first birthday, we wanted to give our community a chance to get their hands on some limited-edition merchandise and restocks of our previous issues. Our store will be updated with all of the birthday discounts on Thursday- including 50% of $50 or more, $5 print projects, library bundles, and more! I am so excited for you guys to see our first march drop, I love it so much already and I know you will too. Stay connected with us on social media for updates on birthdays sales this weekend and march drops.

To end our birthday celebration with a bang, at the end of the week we will be announcing our issue 05 theme! Our staff is already hard at work on issue 05, and we cannot wait to see what our community comes up with. This has to be my favorite theme yet, and I think it’s one myself and my staff really resonate with right now. Make sure you check back in with us this weekend for the announcement!

While we work on issue 05, we also have a team of photographers working on “US: Through the Lens of Gen Z” our collaborative photo book project. This is a unique project we are trying out to showcase the amazing photographers we have in our little creative community. Currently, the expected release for this book is late fall 2021!

Thank you so much to our community for getting us to this first birthday milestone- we couldn’t have done it without you. I’m looking forward to many many more VF birthday celebrations :)

-Theresa De Benedetti



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