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Why aren't more people talking about the muslim concentration camps in China?

Concentration Camps In China For Uyghur Muslims & How You Can Make A Difference by Farzeen Rashid

Since 2017, we’ve seen the country of China doing many dreadful things to Muslims. To be specific, I’m talking about the concentration camps located in China, also known as Xinjiang re-education camps or Vocational Education and Training Centers. To give you a little background information, these camps are internment camps controlled by the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region government and its CPC committee. It has been alleged by Human Rights Watch that these camps are used to brainwash Uyghurs and other Muslims since 2017. They are made to “re-educate” Muslims and to potentially stop them from believing in Islam as well as driving them away from their faith. They are also aimed at stripping their culture, traditions, and language. Their intentions and purposes were targeted towards diminishing extremism and terrorism amongst the Muslim minority by promoting Sinicization. This has been taking place in Xinjiang China, and these camps were built by the Communist Party of China. As of 2020, is has been estimated that there are at least 3 million inmates in these camps including innocent Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, and other ethnic Turkic Muslims, as well as some foreign citizens such as Kazakhstanis. Very shockingly, at the United Nations, 54 nations rejected these allegations of China’s antics and continued to support China’s policies in Xinjiang, with only 23 nations who opposed the policies. What’s incredibly wrong about this is that innocent people are being treated horribly, all because of their faith. China’s leaders are acting towards this as if identifying as a Muslim is something to fear and that believing in Islam is an offence to their country. China has been suspicious for several years towards Muslims, they’ve acted upon this intuition by violating their basic human rights. The baffling part about all this is that most human rights we are well aware of in our modern western society are not incorporated in China’s policies, which makes such activity LEGAL in China. These Muslims deserve justice, and as easy as it is to say that, I 100% acknowledge and am aware that it can be anywhere from doubtful to entirely impossible to change. From an outsider’s perspective as well as someone who is Muslim, I know that what China is doing is horrendous and should not happen. I feel guilty of living with such privilege here in Canada when I know halfway across the world, in China, I would be sent to a concentration camp just for my religion. It’s saddening and incredibly unjust and unfair. We are so privileged to be living with little to no difficulty here in the west, we should be more than ever grateful for everything we have been blessed with. I think it’s important that we as brothers and sisters unite as one and do all the possibly best we can to help our Chinese Muslim friends. I know it might seem impossible to convince the leaders in China to somehow stop the unjust cruelty towards Muslims, but I know we can make a difference by approaching the situation with small steps. In this blog post, I have provided with everything you can do to help, things as little as signing a petition and making a donation. At the end of the day, I think the best thing we can all do after taking time out of our day to fully educate ourselves as well as provide assistance through these donations and petitions is to pray, pray, and pray. Please don’t doubt your prayers, upon whatever God you believe in (that is, if you believe in a God, I 100% respect you if you are an atheist) please pray that the Muslims in China held in concentration camps will soon be set free and can live a happy and healthy life. At the core, we are all human. To end such hatred, we need to begin by teaching ourselves how to love one another, whatever we look like and the religions we believe in (I think it’s also important to respect people who choose not to believe in a religion as well). Please pray that all the guiltless families that are struggling right now, especially with China’s brainwash, are dealing with the hardships and burden they have on their religious identity very well. Please pray that the people who are being constantly beaten as a form of punishment heal miraculously. Lastly, please pray that Muslims all around the world find peace and become fully accepted in society for who they are without anyone having any internalized hatred for them and vice versa. Earlier this year, my grade 10 social studies teacher told us that Muslims are the new Jews from the Holocaust during World War 2. After learning and reading about everything that’s been happening in China with the concentration camps and the brainwashing, I can admit, that this is undeniably true.

Petitions you can sign to help:

Sites you can donate to that’ll go directly to Uyghur relief:


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