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Velvet Fields is a print, online and digital youth media collective. We are a staff of about 60 teens and young adults from around the world. We want to come together and create a platform for creatives to share their voice and a community where everyone feels safe to express their true self. We operate with journalistic integrity and treat small artists with the respect their work deserves. We are a publication made entirely by Gen Z creatives for Gen Z creatives.

In its current form, Velvet Fields is a print magazine and website comprised of sent-in submissions and work from our staff. We are always excepting submissions and look over all of them carefully. We work collectively to collaborate on projects so that every staff member plays an important part in making VF what it is. We like to consider ourselves a multimedia brand as we expand to new platforms and types of content. We are staff of shared powers, with a platform reflective of the views of our staff. Velvet Fields in based in Metro Detroit, Michigan.

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