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click the link to fill out our questionnaire to see your response featured in issue 05.

Velvet Fields fifth print issue theme will be “Coming of Age.” Our goal is to explore the what is really means to grow up Gen Z. We want to feature your thoughts and work focusing on everything from the big milestones to the awkward in between phases. What does it mean to grow up, and why does it happen for all of us so differently? Why is this stage in our life so important? How do you navagate the world while you are still coming of age?




-graphic design





-small business features

-music features

-anything else you create!


All work submitted must be 100% original and previously unpublished. Work submitted should fit the theme of "coming of age." You will be notified if your submission is chosen via email once the deadline has ended. Visual submissions should be accompanied by titles and descriptions. Submissions close October 15th.


For inspiration for photography, art, graphic design and visuals, check out our staff curated issue 05 Pinterest board here.

Need some inspiration for your issue 05 piece? Check out some of the ideas that we came up with. Feel free to steal these or come up with your own!


What is your advice for highschoolers?

What do you wish you had been taught in school?

How do you know when you are finally a “Grown Up”

How did social media impact your upbrining?

What did you experience growing up that changed your life?

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing gen z today?

What would you say to a younger version of yourself?

What is it like growing up while struggling with mental health?

What kind of pressure did you face as a teenager?

What is it like to graduate during the pandemic?

What are your favorite coming of age films?

What do TV shows and Movies always get wrong about teens?

When did you know you were LGBTQ+?

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