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social media submissions

We are always excepting general social media submissions! Get your work seen by a larger audience and connect with our online community!

What we're looking for:

-Photography: Submit your photoshoots, self portraits, polaroids, film, iPhone shots- whatever you've got!

-Graphic Design: Submit your collages, infographics, inspirational quotes, fun patterns, quotes and anything else you can think to design.

-Art: Submit your illustrations, paintings, sculptures, digital art, doodles- any medium of art your heart desires <3

-Anything else you create! If you make something you think our audience would enjoy, submit it!

Velvet Fields is a submission based publication- meaning most of what you see is sent in work from our community! We are always looking for new voices to highlight and want to get YOU published!

Current Project:


Interested in a feature interview or collaboration?

We are always looking for young creatives and change makers to feature in our issues and on our website. We want to share the stories of musicians, filmakers, photographers, influencers, small business owners, actors, activists, artists and anyone else with a passion to inspire our audience. To inquire, send a us a pitch via email at explaining your story, what you do and how it relates to our readers. Include your name, age, location, social media handles and any appilcable links.Please expect a one/two week delay in response from our editorial team


Thanks for submitting!


By submitting your work to Velvet Fields you are giving us permission to publish the piece as well as promote it across our social media platforms. We do not accept submissions that have previously been published. All work must be original including any graphics or photography. You still retain the copyright to your work but we ask you do not submit work published by us to other zines. At the time we do not give out any free copies of our print projects to our contributors. 

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