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Velvet Fields is back with issue 04: Mind, Body and Soul! At just under 100 pages this issue is comprised of work from young creatives all around the world! Issue 04 will be available in both print and digital form. Featuring interviews with Milkstrology and The Girly Girl Podcast and responses from our readers. Cover photo and shoot by William Koning.

"On the tail end of a worldwide pandemic, it is more important than ever to take care of ourselves. Now is the time to be introspective- to look at your life and take notes. When it comes to overall wellness, we can break it down into three groups: mind, body and soul. It’s about more than what you see on the outside. It’s time we got real about the way society stigmatises our real issues. If we aren’t open about our experiences, the stereotypes around issues like mental health, body image and gender will continue. Nothing about the human body is “unnatural” so why do we think that way when it comes to ourselves? People are complex beings, we need to stop trying to put people into boxes and start celebrating the things that make us different. Talking about the mind, body and soul is vulnerable, uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. But at the same time, it can be liberating, therapeutic and inspiring. Let’s take a journey to explore ourselves."


Daniel Velasco, Aly Wise, Deja Magee, Domenica Saldarriaga, Wendy Garcia, Taylor Alexis Heady, Theresa De Benedetti, Sarah Bennett, CJ Martires, Alyana Santillana, Simona Filiposka, Amber Spalding, Andrea Korompis, Maya Hollingsworth , Grace Hall , Amber Adames, Kinsley Nichols, William Koning, Melisa Novotna, Valeria Arellano Torres, Laurie Neil, Samantha Lee, and AJ Schnettler

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