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Can I submit work that has previously been published?

We do not publish work that has been previously published by a similar publication or media collective (zines). You will retain the copyright to your piece, we just ask that you don't submit it to other publications once published.

Will I be notified if my submission isn't chosen?

Because of the volume of submissions we receive, we do not notify when a submission is chosen. For print projects, you may not be notified that your piece was chosen until the end of the submission deadline.

Will I be notified if I my staff application is denied?

Since we have rolling applications, while you may not be a good fit for our publication at the time, we could still reach out to you in the future. For this reason we do not notify if your application is denied.

Are submissions and applications only open to those in the US?

No! We accept creators from all around the world to join the Velvet Fields community!

If I preordered, when can I expect my copy?

We order the physical copies from the printing company once preorders end. Once these copies come in they will be shipped out to you. 

How long does it take to put together an issue once the submissions close?

It generally takes about a month to put an issue together, so be patient with us while we work hard to make sure it turns out perfect. We will post about its progress on social media.

Who do I contact about issues with orders?

You can email us at with concerns about orders. Refrain from contacting us about these issues via social media as our marketing team won't be able to help you with those issues.

Do you give free copies to your contributors?

At this time we do not give free copies of our print projects to our contributors, although we do offer them a discount code. Contributors will also be given a free digital copy of the issue so that everyone can see how their work came together. 

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