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Emma Buck is an 18 year old photographer from Metro Detroit, Michigan. Known to her friends as “Frog” she is a self taught photographer who spent her high school years perfecting her craft and whipping out her cameras whenever she could. In addition to photography, she also experiments in the mediums of digital illustration, graphic design and videography. She is also the founder of “The Sterling Collective” a zine for skaters and like minded individuals to share their passion with the world.

Emma Buck for Issue 03

William Koning for Issue 03

William is a photographer and artist from Southern California. He has a strong passion for photography, writing and spreading his message through his artistic voice. His photography can be both beautiful and horrifying, as he tackles the hard topics in life. 

Theresa is a sophomore studying journalism at Wayne State University. She was the editor in chief of her high school newspaper "The Generator" for two years and in 2020 was awarded membership on the MIPA Allstate Student Journalism Staff. Theresa founded Velvet Fields in September 2021 to pursue her life long dream of working for a magazine.