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Theresa De Benedetti


Theresa (she/her) is a sophomore studying journalism at Wayne State University. She was the editor in chief of her high school newspaper "The Generator" for two years and in 2020 was awarded membership on the MIPA Allstate Student Journalism Staff. Theresa founded Velvet Fields in September 2021 to pursue her life long dream of working for a magazine.

30ADC0E8-8465-46CC-B7B5-CF4BD4C70394 - Wendy Garcia.jpeg

Wendy Garcia


Wendy (they/she) is a student at Temple University studying sociology and communication studies. They're a writer for Temple's newspaper and Voices for Gen-Z as well as an editor for Café Au Lait Magazine. Some of her interests include LGBTQ+ issues, mental health, abolition, and music. You can find them on Instagram @wendyqarcia.

IMG_3431 - Christina Martires.JPG

CJ Martires


Meet CJ- She is a 20 year old English major student who loves to write poetry and songs. She also creates graphics and art on her art page @mangochikn! On her free time she likes to roller skate, try new boba places, and create fun makeup looks. She's also a big advocate for mental health and AAPI support.

unnamed - andrea korompis.png

Andrea Korompis


Hi! My name is Andrea Korompis, and I am a 17 year old student with a penchant for books and creative writing.

IMG_6821 - Isabella Mejia.JPG

Isabella Mejia


Isabella Mejia is a writer and a member of the music department of Velvet Fields. She enjoys discovering new artists and creating playlists for the magazine.

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Saige Cooke


Saige Cooke is a writer at Velvet Fields, writing mainly personal essays. She's an incoming freshman to St. Johns University, majoring in childhood education. She's into social justice, politics, fashion, arts, makeup, & activism. In her free time, she love to write, listen to music, and cook.

image0 - Tyler Macro.png

Tyler Macro


Tyler Macro is a writer, keen on poetry and a choice personal essay. Grocery worker by day, artist by night, they'll often be seen stocking shelves or indulging in Mary Oliver.

IMG-9aa534405aae36642b41caa3f8aba978-V - Simona Filiposka.jpg

Simona Filiposka


Simona Filiposka is a 16 years old poet/writer based in North Macedonia. Her poetry, which is mostly about love and mental health, is inspired by nature, music and life. Her work has been published by several online magazines, but you can also check it out on her instagram page:@poetic.simona. Except for writing she also likes reading books and learning foreign languages.

IMG_0328 - lemonash.JPG

Ashley Chong


Hello, I'm a Malaysian currently based in Lincoln, Nebraska, and a photographer and writer for Velvet Fields. I enjoy cooking and playing volleyball in my spare time, and my current jam is OOZ by Peach Tree Rascals.

IMG_4491 - Cindy Gomez.JPG

Cindy Gomez

Website Manager

I'm Software Engineer I graduated in 2018 and one of my passion in my life is modeling, painting, and traveling around the world, I like to meet people and new cultures. I love photography and graph design and working in VF is like a dream to me because I always dreaming working for a magazine as well and I love both sides of my life (my professional career and my hobbies). As a Website Manager in VF, I feel I can contribute to the team and the magazine to improve any necessary to grow together.

43A53D74-0D74-4A4D-B3FA-B5AB34C18430 - Zunaira Farooq.jpeg

Zunaira Farooq


Zunaira is an 18-year old graphic designer hoping to inspire others with her work and looking forward to learning new skills from her team members! Other than designing, she is an avid reader and strongly invested in all things technology.

steph dunlop  - stephanie dunlop.JPEG

Steph Dunlop


Steph is a nineteen year old psychology and film student! She is passionate about writing, reading and playing the same four songs on repeat. She writes for magazines including Unpublished Zine, her own Safe Space Magazine, and, of course, Velvet Fields.

BCFDD711-49E4-4FBD-9E45-1085BF255DE0 - Ella Sylvie.jpeg

Ella Sylvie


Ella Sylvie is a resident writer who loves the fact that the flexibility at VF allows her to dip into anything from personal essays to pop culture analysis. She also enjoys graphic design and dabbles in that with VF sometimes.

My pic - William Koning.JPG

William Koning


Will(he/him) is a photographer and a senior in high school. He loves to share his message through his artistic vision and ideas. As well as photography he loves to use other mediums like sculpture and paint. You can find his work on his website: or on his instagram

IMG_5385 - Lauren Kim.JPG

Lauren Kim


Lauren Kim is a writer and filmmaker from the United States.

staff photo - Daniel Velasco.png

Daniel Elias Velasco


Daniel is a Research Journalist out of Tucson, AZ. He has experience working as a researcher at the University of Arizona's Archaeology Department, and in the School of Natural Resources. His favorite authors are Philip K. Dick and Hunter S. Thompson, and his favorite hobby is wheat pasting.

142474A7-1307-4650-A430-197140AB9192 - Kailyn Larriviere.jpeg

Kailyn Larriviere


Kailyn is a 17 year old living in Florida, USA. She is a copy editor who likes to write about music, mental awareness, and today’s media.

EFD047DB-4814-4157-A181-55CC1174F628 - Amber Adames.png

Amber Adames


Amber Adames is a poet and writer. She enjoys writing anything from short stories to poems to articles incorporating a myriad of topics, issues, genres, and current global issues. Amber is currently a senior in high school, but has worked on newspapers and online magazines.

455DB887-D34D-4C48-AC47-D7470E4D5EC3 - Sasya Rukmi.jpeg

Sasya Rukmi


Sasya Rukmi is a graphic designer.

02FF0B8A-7AC8-4A21-8140-1D0E099D5DF3 - Eleanor Colligan.jpeg

Eleanor Colligan


Eleanor Colligan is a university student and poet. She reads an unnatural amount of ya literature, and hopes to one day publish her own book.

5ACACBE4-A975-480E-9F87-E394FFFF3D33 - Dani Ayala.jpeg



daniela is a poet that tends to write titles before the poems. they are sixteen years old with the pronouns (she/they) and believes that writing can do amazing things as we change mindsets one by one.

head shot - tyler heathcock.PNG

Tyler Heathcock


Tyler Heathcock is a digital and physical content creator based out of Phoenix, AZ whose continued interest in counterculture culminated into introspective writing on topics like music, art, and fashion.

Tabisaura_sorrythefileissobig - Lyan.jpg

Lyan Tabisaura


Lyan is an English Literature student and a new creative member for Velvet Fields. She enjoys reading contemporary fiction and epic fantasies in her spare time.

EE9E51DC-F2F7-4BF4-99CB-93D273545BAD - Madison Mikhail.jpeg

Madison Mikhail


Madison is a 16 year old creative who strives to make change through her artistic expressions. Some of her current endeavors include founding her own magazine “For The People,” creating a guided journal, and starting her own clothing line. She often addresses issues around racism, mental health, and fast fashion. Madison believes that through art, she can advocate for the many people whose voices are not heard.

EB3C0CCA-89BC-4D59-B297-C37C510D2455 - Maya Camila.jpeg

Maya Hollingsworth


Maya Hollingsworth is a high school student in Oakland, California. As a writer here at Velvet Fields, she mainly puts together personal essay and other literary journalism pieces. Along with writing, Maya enjoys getting boba around town, watching baseball, and listening to Taylor Swift.

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