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Editor In Chief:

Theresa De Benedetti (she/her)- Theresa (aka tree) is a freshman at Wayne State University studying journalism. She was named one of Michigan’s top 15 student journalists in 2020 (MIPA). Theresa is a proud sagittarius who loves cheerleading, friendship bracelet making, “Mad Men” and collecting antiques. She founded Velvet Fields as a way to give young creatives a voice and have the chance to run a publication outside of high school. You can find her on instagram @x.theresa

Head Copy Editor:

Cheyanne Beaumont (she/her): Cheyanne (but you can call her Chey) is a young, diverse artist based in Philadelphia who dabbles in a variety of mediums. Her biggest passion however, is writing. Besides writing and editing, Chey enjoys baking, painting, playing guitar and exploring the city with her friends. Besides Velvet Fields, Chey has had her work published in Unpublished Magazine and is currently in the process of releasing a collective book of writing. You can find more of her work on

and on her Instagram (@cheybeaumont). She’d love to hear from you!

Copy Editors:


Ai Jiang (@AiJiang_) is a Chinese-Canadian writer. She graduated with a BA in Literature from the University of Toronto and is a current student at the Humber School for Writers. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Maudlin House, Haunted Waters Press, Beyond Words Magazine, and elsewhere. Find her online at

Nikki P(she/her): Nikki P is a teen writer from the United States. She edits and writes for many magazines and has work published or forthcoming in Cathartic Literary Magazine, Outlander Zine, The Hearth Magazine, Paper Crane Journal, and The Young Writer’s Initiative. In her free time she also enjoys studying ornithology.

Serafina Hills is a teen from England with a passion for creativity. She has written and edited for many magazines and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Affairs Mag, Legacy Zine, Living Zine and more.

Social Media Manager:

Hannah Young (she/her) is a teen from Florida, USA. She enjoys connecting and interacting with people from all over the world through many different platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. In addition to social media and communication, she is a competitive dancer and likes to write articles about a variety of topics in her free time. In the future, she hopes to study business and journalism in college so that she can start a multimedia pop culture and lifestyle publication. You can find her on most social media platforms (@hannahwhy_)!

Outreach Director:


Jarin Priyosha (she/her) is a teen from the United States. She likes to communicate with small business owners, artists, photographers, and more; to get them a larger platform. In her free time she likes to play tennis, watch Netflix, and bake.