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Holiday Gift Guide for Teen Girls

Christmas is coming up. The trees are emerging and lights illuminate the houses in my neighbourhood. That means one thing—we’re going to need to start getting presents. If you don’t know what you want, or don’t know what to get you friends, here’s the perfect gift guide for any teen girl—clothes edition. Hope you find something you like!

I know a lot of people who’ve developed a new style over quarantine (I know I have!) so here’s a list of things I think would make perfect gifts.

I absolutely adore flares! These flared trousers from New Look are very affordable, chic, and a classic black colour. They’re making a comeback, and becoming a key staple in every teen’s closet.

If you want something a little more out there, check out these zebra print flares I’m obsessed with. These are for someone a little more out there with their style, who’s not afraid to stand out.

Like the majority of teen girls, I’m obsessed with Nike sweatshirts. Here’s a really cute baby blue vintage sweater at a great price for the authenticity! These are hard to find but the best places to look are definitely vintage shops and Depop.

If you’re shopping for a skirt person, or are a skirt person yourself, I’d recommend checking out Romwe or Shein. They have so many gems at great prices!

These items can seem pricey if you’re shopping for multiple friends, so here are some really cute accessories if clothing isn’t an affordable option.

A bag is a girl's best friend right? This is arguably the most handy and my absolute favourite is the baguette bag. Shein has a huge range, and offers so many colours and styles.

Jewellery is typically my go to present and these assorted gemstone and wire pieces are perfect! There are so many small businesses on Etsy to check out;this is just one of my personal favourites. The rings are affordable, handmade and personalised! They’re perfect for anyone spiritual, or whoever you’re shopping for.

I hope that you find something you like, Happy Holidays!


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