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The Power of Affirmations

Positive affirmations are essential in raising motivation and self-esteem. Positive affirmations are positive statements that help to challenge negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are harmful they lead to self-doubt and other negative feelings. Meanwhile, positive affirmations encourage positive change, especially during tough times, boost self-esteem and maybe even productivity.

In turbulent times like right now, during the pandemic, when the future seems bleak, positive affirmations are more important than ever. The pandemic has made people more fearful and uncertain about the future. This is bolstered through bad news and health scares that seem to dominate social media and everyday conversations. Furthermore, transitioning to online work or school has caused people to have a lack of motivation, as there is less physical contact with others. It’s hard to continue our days as per normal in front of a screen for hours upon hours. As such, positive affirmations come in handy to motivate us to take each day as it comes.

There is science behind positive affirmations. In order to make lasting and long-term changes to how we think and feel, affirmations must be regularly practiced. Reiterating positive affirmations helps us to develop and maintain self-integrity, which is vital in how we perceive ourselves. It leads us to be more adaptable to different circumstances (like COVID-19) and roles. As a result, we can determine success in different ways. But we don’t need to strive for perfection—we just need to be competent in different areas. And that’s good enough!

Positive affirmations allow us to genuinely and authentically merit our own praise. While acknowledging negative feelings may help us grow and mature in some circumstances, positive affirmations remind us we are better than we think, even if we may be stuck in a cycle of self-doubt and negative thoughts. Choosing to think positively on a regular basis enables us to have a more positive outlook on life, which is beneficial for everyone.


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