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The Sky is Blue?

The sky is blue. That’s what we’ve always been told, right? The sky is blue as much as the grass is green. But no one talks about how the sky is sometimes pink, purple, red, orange, and sometimes it’s a black void. The sky is blue, right? I think there’s an array of endless possibilities more than that. A rainbow of colours scatter in the sky at dusk and dawn, and people gather in awe of the beauty. The sky may be ‘blue’ but it’s a lot more exciting when it isn’t. I guess to me, the blue of the sky represents the ‘average,’ it’s normal and consistent and common. Then there are the other hues that decorate the sky I gawk at. They’re rare, and out of the ordinary, but always so beautiful. The presence and consistency of the blue shade we always expect does not disqualify the beauty of the scarlets, ambers, and indigos that jump out at us. Though they’re different, they’re still so incredible.

That’s how life can be sometimes. People expect the blue, but that doesn’t mean they’re not pleasantly surprised at the array of differences. People expect the normal, what they know. It's okay for them to expect blue, it’s what we’re told, and what we recognise. But just as the sky isn’t always blue, neither are people. If you’re ever sitting at the back of class, wondering why you’re so different, wishing you could be the same, don’t. When people watch the sunset, they don’t long for the blue. It’s okay to not always be blue. Someone has to be red, orange, purple, pink...

So, to the emo kids in bands with names like ‘Mashed Potatoes’ or ‘Eat the Patriarchy,’ to the gays, to people who get made fun of for how they dress, or how they look, or anything remotely different, and to anyone who ever feels like they don’t fit in: You’re the splatter of colour, you’re incredible, and you’re still a part of the sky.


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